Your Data, On Time, Where You Want It, With Monitoring

Help machine learning wizards do their thing and leave the data drudgery to us.

We'll transport, reformat, and quality check your data for you, to your specifications, with ongoing monitoring, so you don't have to. That's "data engineering as a service" and it's what we do best.

ETL and Exception Based Reporting

The bread and butter of data engineering: watch for changes in data, bring it into your enterprise in a format you can use, and let you know where anything looks weird. We'll put a data sanity report in your inbox every day so you can get on with the work that's really exciting. (read more...)

Location Scoring

Have a supply chain, collection of retail locations, or location-sensitive investment portfolio you need monitored for climate, weather, or other ongoing geographic risks? We can deliver that data, daily, so you can stay on top of your exposure. (read more...)

Pre-Processed Public Data

We're especially skilled in taking cumbersome-to-use public data sets like climate and Census data and pre-processing them to better match your internal, private data. Spend less time reformatting and more time finding the insight that sets you apart from your competition. (read more...)

We especially love climate data

Did you know the climate science community has already made available everything we need to know about temperature, precipition, and other changes due to climate change, for any location in the world? The problem is it's locked up in hard-to-use netCDF files you basically have to be a climate scientist to understand. We'll deliver the same data, except in an easy-to-use SQL format, instead. (read more...)