Software Development Without The Drama

We create, fix, and re-architect software to drive your business forward—without the drama.

As senior technologists, we are experts at using technology to solve pressing business problems.


With engagements at online retailers large and small, we help launch new skunkworks initiatives, improve ETL processes and data analysis, send behavior-driven email, and create new back-end tools to increase productivity. (read more...)

Software as a Service

With a SaaS product of our own, we understand your challenges. Let us help you with integrations to complimentary platforms, sending behavior-driven email, and implementing product enhancements. (read more...)

Enterprise ISVs

Are you an established software vendor wondering where your product fits in the cloud-enabled landscape? Let us help you cloud-enable your product by migrating its architecture to multi-tennancy, or by creating integrations with other, complimentary, cloud-based platforms. (read more...)

Welcome To Pollen

Pollen is a full-service software consultancy specializing in applying technology to tough business problems. As technologists who also speak business, we can work across business and engineering boundaries to figure out what needs to be done...and then actually do it

We create all the software you need, but don't have the time or resources to actually execute on.

Some Of Our Clients