White Glove ETL, Without Drama

Your internal engineers (if you have them) cost about $2,000 per day, fully-loaded. At that cost, do you really want them spending their time, essentially, bus-driving data around the Internet? Probably not. Instead, why not pay us a straight-forward flat fee to set up an integration and, only if you're happy with it, an ongoing subscription to monitor it daily for changes, quality metrics, and exceptions? You'll save thousands and keep your internal teams focused on the special sauce that makes you exceptional.

Free consultation

First, we'll set up a call to understand what you need and give you a realistic take on how feasible it is. You'll probably be surprised by what we can do and how fast we can do it.

Initial Development

Using our hard-won industry expertise, we'll set up a data pipeline for you that's robust, reliable, and transparent. Your data shows up where you want it, in the format you want it, with the quality checks you need to make sure your downstream processes can get the job done. Have other jobs that need to kick off afterward? We can trigger them through your API, too. Need to reformat things like locations and addressess to match your proprietary data? Not a problem. Need to stitch together with other datasets? We've got you covered.

Ongoing Monitoring

Every day or every hour, we'll monitor your data and tell you what's changed, how much, and if you should be worried. You get full transparency with a daily email, integration with your favorite on-call system, or a our cloud-based monitoring dashboard.