Skunkworks Software Development

Have some initiatives you'd love to get off the ground but just can't quite seem to carve off enough internal resources to get it done? That's where we come in. As seasoned, senior technologists, we can get those projects off the ground with a minimum of fuss, in a way that fits with your current technical environment, and without siphoning off too much time from your core engineers.

Curing Ailing, Groaning Codebases

Been around a while and now having trouble evolving your ever-growing codebase? We can help with that. Our feature-driven approach means that we help reshape your codebase without making your business come to a standstill. And, when we're done, your engineers will have a better idea how to keep things nice and healthy going forward.

Back-End Data Analysis and Transformation

When you first launched, engineering was (rightly so) focused on building the customer-facing product. Transactions and user-driven enhancements were king. But, somewhere in the mix the need to look at what's happening and take informed decisions based on your data got lost. Now you're stuck trying to beg, borrow, and steal resources, run analysis queries on your transactional data store, or otherwise make due with a sticky situation.

We can help

We'll work alongside your engineers to create or enhance data warehousing and reporting capability so you're not making decisions in the dark. And we'll do it without slowing the rest of the business down.

Behavior-Driven Email

Are you taking full advantage of the relationships you already have with your customers? Behavior-driven email is a proven winner with customer retention, up-selling, and brand awareness. Rise above generic, monthly newsletters by sending exactly the right content to exactly the right customer at exactly the right time. (read more…)

And Everything Else

We use technology to solve business problems. If you've got a business problem, we've got a way to solve it. Please contact us at if you think we could be of service with custom software development, integration, or technical turn-around.